Poland's Demographic Past presents questions concerning historical populations, including selected groups and social and professional categories. In the micro approach the dominant type of research is the one based on individual statistical material, massive in its character and focused on source criticism.

The Journal is open to research that combines historical demography and other (sub)disciplines such as paleodemography, formal demography, social and economic history, history of medicine, historical geography, geography of population, social anthropology, statistics and computer science, in so far as those disciplines enhance insight into demographic processes that took place in the past.

The territorial range of PDP contains first of all the areas of the former and present-day Polish state, irrespective of their current or former national status. Yet the Journal is not closed to articles dealing with other areas, especially if they present comparative material or use methodological tools that may be suitable in research on Polish areas. Articles from outside the thematic scope are not considered for publication, although the editorial board may suggest another journal with an adequate profile.

Source: https://wnus.edu.pl/pdp/en/page/1457673902